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About Us

Development Plan
The Development Plan is a programme of measures which aim to conserve and manage the quality angling product which is a valuable resource for the local economy. The valuable work carried out on the streams and rivers will ensure our salmon and sea trout will spawn and reproduce for future generation to enjoy.

We would like also to thank Inland Fisheries Ireland for their continued support of the Group. Our thanks also to the Rural Social Scheme who assistance with our stream management is invaluable. Their involvement is a very good example of how the RSS can assist local community groups and also have a benefit to a wider community.

Our Goals & Objectives

Continue to promote and develop Lough Currane as one of Ireland’s top salmon and sea trout angling destination.

Conservation and protection of salmon and seatrout in Waterville.

Develop the Waterville Fisheries Development Group to become a self sustaining fishery.

We need your Help

We would greatly appreciate your help in supporting our Development Group.

There are a number of ways through which you can donate money.

Purchase your Annual
through this website or from The Secretary, Waterville Fisheries Development Group, Waterville, Co Kerry 
or from one of our approved ghillies.. To find out more click here.

Donate money through the Community Foundation for Ireland. To find out more
click here.

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