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Ghillies & Boat Hire

Anglers are legally required to be in possession of a salmon or sea trout licence. Licences can be purchased from the Londis Store and the Tackle Shop in Waterville (both  official IFI fishing license distributors), online at www.salmonlicences.ie , or from any Inland Fisheries Ireland Office.
On purchasing a licence an angler will receive a copy of the Salmon Angling Regulations which provides information on bag limits, gill tags and how to return your completed logbook and un-used tags.

Ghillies and Boat Hire
Boats are available for hire on Loughs Derriana, Cloonaghlin, Na Mona and Na Huisce. Permits to fish these lakes may be booked in advance at the Londis Store in Waterville, telephone 0669474253. Permits may be paid for and picked up at any time after 7am on the day.  
The cost of boat hire with outboard engine on the above lakes is €100 per day. The cost to members of the Waterville Fisheries Development Group is €55 per day. To find out how to become a member click here.

The cost of a ghillie with boat is €140 per day. The cost of boat hire on Lough Currane is €55 per day.

Contact details of ghillies operating on Lough Currane and  those offering boat hire are listed below. Waterville Fisheries Development Group makes no recommendation in this respect. It is the responsibility of the hirer to confirm, when booking, that ghillies and boat hirers have adequate public liability insurance cover.


Name Contact Information Boat Hire
Appleby, Vincent  Tel: 066 9475248
Mobile: 087 2074882
Web: www.salmonandseatrout.com
Email: salmonandseatrout@eircom.net
Baker, Rodger Tel: 066 9478009
Web: www.cloghvoola.com
Email: info@cloghvoola.com
Brain, Kevin Tel: 066 9474433
Mobile: 087 6766986
Web: www.kbfishingireland.com
Email: info@kbfishing.com
Donnelly, Frank Tel: 066 9474303
Mobile: 087 4160200
Web: www.lakelandshouse.com
Email: lakelands@eircom.net
Donnelly, Sylvestor
Tel: 066 9474327 / Mobile: 087 7642527
Dwyer, Mike Tel: 066 9474081
Mobile: 087 6666873
Email: mikegdwyer@gmail.com
Murphy, John Tel: 066 0664010408
Mobile: 086 3991074
Email: caherdaniel1@gmail.com
Tel: 066 947 4023
Mobile: 087 2051515
Email: dominicmcgillicuddy@eircom.net
O’Shea, Neil Tel: 066 9474527
Mobile: 087 9942792
Web: www.oshealoughcurrane.com
Email: oshealoughcurrane@eircom.net
O’Shea, Tom Tel: 066 9474973
Mobile: 087 9228659
Email: tomfishing@eircom.net
O’Suillivan, Michael Tel: 066 9474800
Mobile: 087 2202355
Email: watervilleboats@gmail.com
O’Suillivan, Vincent Tel: 066 94747661
Mobile: 087 2863983
Web: www.vincentsfishing.com
Email: flyfisherman@O2.ie
Priestly, Bob Tel: 066 9474726 / Mobile: 087 9228662 No
Scully, Junior Tel: 066 9474270 No
Wharton, Terence (Jnr) Mobile: 087 2100064 No
Wharton, Terence (Snr) Mobile: 087 0638231 No
Rods and Tackle

Spring Salmon: 13 to 15 ft Rod, Floating or Sink Tip Line, Leader 12lbs

Summer Salmon/ Sea Trout: Single Handed Rod 10ft to 11ft6. Leader 6 to 8lbs. Preferred Lines, Floating, Intermediate and Sink Tip.

Successful patterns for Salmon include: Hairy Mary, Blue Charm, Thunder & Lightning, Cascade, Logie, Blue Doctor, Shrimp Fly Paterns, Stoats Tail, Silver Stoat and Garry Dog. Sizes 6 to 14.

Successful patterns for Sea Trout include:The Bibio is regarded as the most essential sea trout pattern. Other flies include; Claret Bumble, Claret & Jay, Claret & Blue, Claret and Mallard , Fiery Brown, Black Pennel, Wickham's Fancy, Watson's Fancy, Connemara Black, Golden Olive, Peter Ross, Alexander, Bog Fly, Straw Grouse, Bloody Butcher and Golden Olive Bumble, Jungle Bunny. Sizes 8 to 14.


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