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River Enhancement

Quality angling in Waterville is a valuable local amenity and an important tourism product.

Throughout the summer and autumn months the group carry out river and spawning bed enhancement measures. This is vital to the fishery in maintenance of the population of salmon and trout species.

It is the objective of the group to protect the catchments remaining pristine rivers and restore degraded habitat where possible.

Good spawning habitat for sea trout and salmon is made up of loose gravel and cobble beds in the streams and rivers.

The group have set up an enhancement programme to clean up and loosen the gravels beds on which the seatrout and salmon spawn each winter. The measures include removing overgrown plants from the river bed annually allowing fish to migrate freely.

Here are some good examples of some of the stream conservation work we do!

One of our principal Sea Trout spawning streams blocked by a careless landowner

...and unblocked with help from the Rural Social Scheme. Note how the stump
of the damaged tree was left to provide future shade for juvenile sea trout and
is already showing re-growth and how the bank side foliage was left intact.

In the late summer the spawning bed gravels are cleaned to enable sea trout to
spawn. Work in progress on a north side stream.

and below note the spawning redds clearly seen to be benefitting in this

The winter months give time for our bank maintenance schedule to give access
anglers to the rivers during the angling season.

Work in progress on the River Inny to provide footpath access

Construction of new footbridges on the Cummeragh River




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